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What are the benefits of Selsun Blue?
Selsun Blue is clinically proven to effectively treat dandruff. See the results in 2 weeks*.

*Based on internal survey conducted amongst 100 Malaysian consumers, 2014
How do I use Selsun Blue Shampoo?
1) Massage the shampoo onto wet scalp.

2) Allow to remain on the scalp for two (2) to three (3) minutes.

3) After Shampoo, wash hands well.
Can Selsun Blue shampoo be used every day?
Selsun Blue is recommended to use twice a week or as directed by a doctor. For alternate days, you can use regular shampoo.
Can Selsun Blue be used on permed hair?
Yes, However, the perm should be washed for at least one cycle with regular shampoo to remove/dilute the perm chemicals before using Selsun Blue.
How long should I leave the product on my hair?
For our Selenium Sulfide products, it is recommended that you let the shampoo stay on your head for approximately two (2) to three (3) minutes. This allows the suspension system to break and the active to fall onto the scalp.
Where can I purchase Selsun Blue products?
Selsun Blue products are available at Guardian, Watsons and other leading pharmaceuticals.